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Do you remember where you were when...?

10:15... last night. March 19th. I was ... watching "Whose Line is it Anyway? on ABC Family. I thought for a moment during the show I should look at the news, but then I thought, "Why bother?" I knew it was inevitable. I forgot until the Daily Show when John Stewart urged people to stop watching him, and watch a REAL news show. I love him. He's awesome.

So I did ... and then there were missiles launching from ships. Not a whole lot of info, but we had made the first strike. I don't know Judo or Karate, but I recall some wisdom from a Judo champ back when I worked at the knife store: "Never be the first one to pull out the knife in a street fight." He also said, "Never be the first to attack, it exposes a weakness. Wait for the other to attack first, it's how I have won most of my championships. If everyone believed this, no one would ever fight, and we'd be a lot better off."

Of course, I am disgusted. I am ashamed my country's leader did this. It's bullheaded, ignorant, and all I have to say is they better find some evidence, concrete evidence, that Saddam had some sort of illegal weapons. I am not sure what's worse, the fact we may find out we are right when Saddam uses them against us, or that we were wrong, and all this poo-flinging was just a lot of monkey jabber from a very poor leadership decision on both sides. I have seen more intelligent gang fights. Hell, I have seen more intelligent fights between my own pets!

But what does anyone care what I think? Polls say we agree with the war and hate Saddam by at least 51% (source: AOL/CNN). I can't say I liked him, he was an ass, and definitely up there with Hitler as far as abusive expansive power. The world is full of jerk leaders like him. But I think patience would have worn him away far more than us going in there and doing whatever it is the hell we are doing to get rid of him.

I also feel personally vested in this because my cousin Shelly is over there. I hope she's okay. She did really well for herself. First she joined the military, then became a dental hygienist in the Army, worked at the Pentagon, and even met President Clinton. She got deployed from Germany months ago. Now she might be in a trench somewhere with a helmet and a gun, fighting a war because our leader's got this daddy complex.

Don't bother me today, I am listening to classic Billy Idol and in a bad, funky mood.

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