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  • 07:34 @Ginimon that TV family is a train wreck. Mom's a nitpicking bitch, dad's a passive agressive slug. Who loses? Those poor kids. :( #
  • 07:36 WTF, I left earlier today, got to metro even later? Traffic and metro ride indicate a doubling of local population or something. #
  • 09:27 This reminds me, I haven't hung out with Anne Crispin for AGES... tinyurl.com/p5jdwa #
  • 09:30 T-minus 2 days for Balticon. I might want to prepare material for my panels. .. Nah, why should this con be different? #
  • 14:36 @Daecabhir Oh, my friend... you will no longer feel stress when I am done with you. #
  • 14:52 Got a room to AMA. On the cheap, too. #
  • 17:49 The woman across from me on the metro is wearing Harry Potter style glasses with no lenses and reading. People are weird, y'all... #
  • 17:55 @ephrog techincally a "dago" is Spanish, but the pun still holds... #
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