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Linux - Not Booting Gentoo with Floppies - An Anti-Howto

Man, I had this kick-ass "How-to" on a CD-ROM-less Gentoo install all ready to go, but I used TomsRtBt disk, and after 2 hours of carefully studying and documenting everything step by step, I got to the "chroot /mnt/gentoo /bin/bash" command, and then I got a "FATAL: Kernel too old." Doh! Of course. I think it's because TomsRtBt has Linux kernel 2.013 or something, and the most recent Gentoo has 2.4.x. Searching on the Gentoo forums confirms my suspicions.

Do not use TomsRtBt to install Gentoo via floppy. At least Gentoo 1.4 and above (2004.x included).

I am working on a how-to by using Slackware or Redhat floppies, but gees, it seems like such a kludge! Like, "To install gentoo via floppy, first install Red Hat 8." That seems so weak. I'd love to make my own Gentoo floppy set, call it "Punkie's Gentoo Boot Floppies." There's a Sourceforge project that's doing the same thing, but it hasn't been updated since February, and the last alpha build had a serious error where it hangs at some "unloading 122kb kernel memory" part.

This is silly. How can Gentoo not have floppy installation smoothed out? I am half thinking of "stealing" Slackware's boot disks and customizing them. I am not sure if that's out of my league, both in time and skill. I'll let you guys know if I come up with anything.
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