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Boring Weekend... thank God!

I must say nothing really awful happened this weekend, which makes for a dull diary but a happy weekend. Okay, one thing did happen, CR had terrible asthma, and thus we had to miss a friend's child's birthday party, which kind of sucked, but that's more whiny than tragic. CR is better now, he went to school today, so that's good.

Friday I had gotten so little sleep the night before, when I got home I went to bed, and stayed asleep until late. Then I watched TV until I fell asleep again. Saturday was similar, except I played Quake 3 Arena for a while. I got the game over a year ago, and didn't care for the single player mode, but recently, I have been playing bots in a "Catch the flag" mode, and trying to learn the console. I actually played with some Internet gamers, and *didn't* get clobbered seconds into the game. I was actually doing pretty well in this one server where the guy had made the gravity very low and the game speed really high. That was a lot of fun. The game is a lot more fun when you are challenged, not slaughtered, although it's hard to feel bad that the REASON you suck at the game is lack of practice. That shows my life has other things going on. I am not sure whether any long term goal involving "ruling at a video game" pays off. I mean, whatever happened to the guy who beat everyone at Pac Man in 1983? But it's a great tension releaser, running around, blowing people up.

I also downloaded the new 3.2 version of Knoppix (self-contained Linux on a bootable CD), and the new 9.0 version of Slackware Linux. I keep meaning to look at Slackware as a distro, because everyone brags about it. I have Debian (all 7 disks), but I have to figure out how to get it on a system that does not allow booting off of CDs. That's the same reason Gentoo and Peanut Linux has evaded me as well.

BTW: You want a Punkie recommend? Try tomsrtbt, bootable Linux on a floppy. It makes a GREAT rescue disk, and I use it at work a lot for systems where I need to test raw network connectivity. We have a lot of systems with no CD-ROM drive, and this is a godsend sometimes. All CLI, of course, but if you have a bootable CDROM only, and at least 64mb RAM, go with Knoppix. Seriously. It's worth the download. It's impressive.

Sunday, I spent mostly in bed with Christine, watching the Sci Fi channel marathon of "Dune," since I hadn't seen their version, only the David Lynch version of it released in the 1980s. I am not sure which version I like better. I would say this one followed closer to the book series, but that is a hard series to put on screen, with so much internal dialogue going on. I think I'll reread it again, if I ever get trapped in a time warp with all the books, because that's the ONLY time I'll have to read them.

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