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Salem, Ten Years Later: Part 2

I didn't get a chance to LJ while in Salem because I didn't want to lug my laptop around. I also felt it would be less sociable if I were to just go around and browse the web while I was there , so a lot of these are various notes I am reading off my iPhone. I'll probably forget a lot of stuff. If I forget some massive event or a person, forgive me.

Still tired and worn out from the day before, Christine gave me some Pepto Bismol to settle my stomach. A lot of carpooling was done, some setup on the site was started, and then we all went back to Justin's hotel room to get dressed.

My costume worked out petty well. I lost a little more girth, so the shirt fit me a little better. The pants I chose were some older khaki dress slacks, and those worked out great. The boots fit better, and during the day, hey stretched even more to give me more room. People liked my costume, but I have to say, almost everyone else had something a little better. But they were all thin people, and in Justin's case, a little muscular. There' not a whole lot that can fit a big guy like me and look great, but I was happy with what I had. I will probably wear it to a RennFest.

The weather was AMAZING. It was prefect. Not hot, not cold, light breeze, and the sky was blue with puffy white clouds. Reminded me of my own wedding a little. The wedding went without a hitch. April and Paul made a great couple.

Afterwards, I was asked to do a toast as Man of Honor, which I did, and it was about wedding and marriage advice. takayla and I will be married 20 years this month, and it doesn't seem that long at all. While doing research for the speech, I learned that looking for good wedding quotes on the Internet is hard, because 90% of them are all tongue-in-cheek wisecracks relating to misery. But I did my best, everyone loved it, and then I hung around and socialized. Oh, and the Greeks tried to get me drunk. Really, it was peer pressure, so sadly my memories of the wedding are a little hazy. I am not sure how many plastic cups of "but this was expensive wine, it would be an insult not to drink it at my son's wedding..." Zinfandel I drank. I'd like to say 3. I am not sure how you people stand it. Hot face, burned throat, etc. All I know is that I was apparently charming, psychoanalyzed people, got sunburned, and my ankle swelled up. While nothing bad happened, I feel kind of bad about myself I was peer pressured into it aksident is mad at me, that's for sure. The last time I did this, was at a friend's Seder, where no one told me I'd be drinking Manachevitz until the last moment, and at that event, I got WAY too chatty off what was only a tablespoon full of the sweet syrup. I think I really dislike drinking, and can now say, "I have been drunk before, and it wasn't pleasant" (before, I only had to guess). I will go back to being a teetotaller, now having gained insight.

Not much "went wrong" with the wedding. Sometimes the wind picked up and knocked stuff over. The wedding cake was also a certifiable disaster, both in design and structure. For almost $400, they got a cake just barely the skill of a child's birthday cake which slowly turned into pudding at room temperature and then collapsed. It *tasted* good (red velvet with chocolate icing) , but by the end you could only eat it with a spoon. Both apeyanne and Paul are turning the photoset into "Cakewrecks," complete with original concept drawing (which was awesome) and the final result (pudding island). But both have said, "These were the best things to go wrong, really," and have written off all the minor stuff as "acceptable, considering how much went right."

My gifts were one of the fabulous handmade centrepieces and the replica Viking sword, making this the second sword I will own (I also have a katana replica). Thanks so much, guys!

At some point after the wedding, I was back at the Red Room, with my ankle elevated. I know Nick drove me back, but I dozed off until about 8, and then went downstairs and saw no one, so I went back up to my room and slept some more. Apparently people wondered where I went, but no one checked on me, so... eh, no biggie.

I got up, and had to remind apeyanne of the time I had to leave (she thought it was later). apeyanne and Paul drove me to the airport, but not before Mama Bear Cindy made sure I had baklava and sugar cookies to take home to takayla. The additional packaging meant I had to carry the centrepiece with me on the plane, and the sword would be mailed to me when they got back from their Greece honeymoon.

TSA was rather weird about the centrepiece.

First, the x-ray tech didn't know what it was, so they made me open up my backpack to have it inspected. The first guy said I was not allowed to bring it on the plane because it had nails. Then his supervisor (an old guy) said, "How else is it supposed to be held together?" Then they wanted to know what it was for, which caused a TSA third guy to get upset that they'd ask such a stupid question. The three of them debated for several minutes whether I should be allowed to bring it on the plane, and should the stewardess hold it in the front, and so on. After a few minutes of debating on all sides (with very little of my own input), they decided to let me on the plane with the centrepiece BUT it had to be covered with orange TSA stickers and I had to carry it separately and out in the open. The stickers were made from that stuff they make Post-Its from, and they all fell off after about 10 minutes.

Yeah, I feel SOOOO safe.

The flight back was a little strange, because it was some kind of commuter plane only slightly larger than a personal learjet. The plane was half German tourists, many who were older and did NOT speak English. This caused a problem when one woman didn't understand she was not allowed to take pictures on the plane, nor was she allowed to have her purse in her lap during landing and takeoff. I was afraid she'd get thrown off and delay us, because, frankly, the woman was pretty mean to the flight staff.

But other than that, we landed 15 minutes early in Dulles, I went home, and mowed my lawns.

All in all, I think I'd like to go back and hang out in a more relaxed social method, possibly bringing my family with me.

I wonder how they will feel about a ghost?
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