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Linux - Looking for the right boot/rescue disk

Some of the biggest problems with finding a Floppy distro for Gentoo installation is that I have to have the minimum of the following on the disk:

1. Kernel 2.4.x
2. Ability to at least chroot, mount, and ifconfig
3. A DHCP client of some sort
4. Have a text editor

I am running into the following problems:
- Distro uses kernel 2.0.x
- Distro does not allow mounting of hard drives
- Distro does not have networking, or if it does, it doesn't have a DHCP client

It always seems as if the disks are one thing away from working, like this disk has the right kernel, but no text editing utility, or that disk has the right kernel and networking, but no ability to write to a hard disk, and so on. It's like the people who made these rescue disks got everything right but one item. Some of them don't even work at all! I know of at least three that won't boot, and it's not my floppy, drive, or system because other floppy distros work on them. I know I could do something like "mount rescue, change root to /bin/bash, remount floppy 2, then reboot, and use another floppy, bleah bleah bleah..." or something equally as complex, but I want this to be easy because while I could do it, and be all complicated and stuff, if I pass it on, I don't think I've done by job until I have something as easy to read and follow as current Gentoo Documentation. This is really frustrating.

I might have to really write my own floppies. I have been looking at Busybox and Syslinux for guidance. I know I probably have to compile my own kernel. If there wasn't such a sucking demand for such a thing, I probably wouldn't bother, but now it's like... "Dammit, this has to be fixed!"

/praying for apathy to set in
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