punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

What a pain

Last week, I started to get this pain in my left side. At first, it was minor. Then by Friday, it hurt fairly bad, so I stayed in bed most of this weekend. I was waffling between whether it was a gastric ailment, or some muscle I pulled. Speaking for the muscle side, I had been lifing a lot of computer systems the past week, but I made sure to protect my back, and I wondered if doing so, I pulled a muscle in the front. But for the gastric side, I have had a lot of bloating and pressure when I eat. Since there was nothing else going on, and Tylenol and a heating pad helped, I assumed it was a pulled muscle. I was looking for gastric symptoms, like pain increasing/decreasing when I ate and so on. None of that. It's not appendicitis, either, unless my appendix moved to the left side of my body.

Well, I came to work today, and was not feeling well. I was very tired, and so I grabbed a cinnamon bun and a Sobe Nirvana drink to kind of wake up. Moving around hurt a lot, but when I ate, the pain shot up seveal notches, and as I type this, the pain is pretty unbearable. Before, the pain only hurt when I turned or moved, but now it hurts most of the time. I had Christine call and make a doctor's appointment. It's now very difficult to stand up, walk up stairs, and as food moves through my stomach, I can feel it.

My fear is that I got a hernia, or my ulcer pal (whom I have had since age 12) has finally ruptured. Either is not an pleasant thought.

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