punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Anyone taken Greyhound recently?

As in the bus service?

In two weeks, I need to get from DC to Baltimore (yes, Otakon). Traveling with me is my son (18) and a family friend who is 15, plus our luggage. I don't drive, and wouldn't have a vehicle if I did. I have considered a lot of options, from using MARC (doesn't run on weekends) to Amtrak (ridiculously expensive for the service you get). The price is right, about $50 for the three of us, round trip.

ONE of the problems is the family friend, being 15, has no photo ID (unless her dad can find her passport, and it may be so expired, she's 8 in the photo). This seems to be an issue with Amtrak. Nothing is mentioned in Greyhound.

Now, I know that there's a stigma about the people who ride Greyhound, but I think I can stand the crazy people for an hour and 20 minutes. You don't have to tell me, the last time I took Greyhound was 21 years ago, but it was brutal.

The bus from Cumberland had a transfer at Harper's Ferry, but the new bus driver didn't show up, and it took dispatch 3 hours to find a new driver. This driver had never driven a bus on her own before, and was a trainee similar to the short mousy girl from the "Police Academy Movies." She got so lost, we went around Maryland for hours until she got lost near Baltimore (a far cry from Washington DC, my intended destination), and went to that station, a nervous, crying mess. As we tried to get Greyhound to get us to DC, several of the passengers got robbed by people pretending to be luggage handlers. Greyhound then said that they were closing for the night, and to get out of the station and they would open in 8 hours. Luckily, one of the passengers was a kind old lady who lived near me, and said her son would pick her up, so I could tag along. While the son didn't seem happy about this AT ALL when he got there, he gave me a ride to my house.

But that was 21 years ago. Maybe it's better. Maybe they have GPS. Maybe I am in denial? Smile
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