punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My letter to Yahoo

> What did you like LEAST about your Yahoo! Postmaster
> Customer Care experience?

It was very easy to tell the rep was "keyword scraping" our e-mail. We ARE an ISP, we knew you were rejecting connections, WE KNEW WHY, we sent you proof, and we wanted to a resolution beneficial to both sides, or a time frame to the resolution since your FAQ did not cover this.

Instead, we got a link to FAQ (which we already mailed YOU to show we read it), and a generic notice to contact my ISP, despite the fact we said we were an ISP. It is apparent that your e-mail tech support handlers are on a quota system when they have to answer so many mails in an hour, and when someone (probably who knows very little English) sees the word "mail" and "rejecting" and "426," they cheerfully just send a generic form response back. They never answered the followup, because, obviously, you were rejecting our mail. After a few days, the problem "fixed itself." We advised our several thousand customers not to use Yahoo, but set up an account on Gmail, Hotmail, and so on. Kind of a bad thing to tell customers, but we did tell them that "free service" means "no tech support." I think we only opened the ticket as a gesture of good will for them, like putting a prayer in the cracks of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. You really don't expect a response from God, but it makes you feel better because you did *something*.

I know no one is reading this (or possibly even understands it), I am typing it, again, to make me feel better. We also posted your reply in the office kitchen to show our people why our tech support is far better. It has given many people a great source of humor on an otherwise drab Friday.

> What improvements, if any, would you like Yahoo! Postmaster
> Customer Care to make?

I wouldn't know where to start. I don't even think you'll read this far, and I have better stuff to do.
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