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Otakon - Lame review

... literally.

I didn't do a review on Otakon, I realize that, but there wasn't a whole lot to say that I haven't said before. There were some highlights worth mentioning, though:

I am going to try and take both Chance and CR to Sweden in 2010. Not sure how, but I have to state it and start a goal. This has led to me planning financially as well as logistically. Part of the process was finding out how we do as a group in stressful situations. I think we did fairly well, and I learned a lot. First, both CR and Chance were amazing in what crap they put up with. Seriously. Both of them passed the attitude test. They were in cramped conditions, with long travel, and dealing with me and my foot. Not only that, but they worked their ASS off handing out Katsucon flyers for our table. A+ for the both of them.

Stuff I learned was about how to deal with a possible minor medical emergency, as I tore a ligament in my foot at Otakon. No idea how. It started to bother me on Friday, got much worse on Saturday, and by Sunday I could barely walk. EMTs at Otakon said "yeah, torn ligament." Juliet wrapped up my foot, gave me painkillers, told me to go see a doctor. Now I am in a boot. I still have no idea how I got hurt. I have no memories of tripping, twisting, falling, etc... no idea. Just sort of happened slowly on its own.

I also learned that I should have planned food and meals better. Much of what I knew about downtown Baltimore was woefully out of date, especially when it came to cheap eats. All the cheap places were either gone, closed early, or ran out of food if they didn't close early. Next time, I am planning to have some compact food ready for those times we're unable to get to food: Granola bars, jerky, whatever packs small, tastes good, and gives sustenance. When we travel, I will plan out blocks of the day to go food foraging.

As for Otakon itself... the con wasn't bad. Crowded as all hell, but as well run as I could have hoped for from my POV. I didn't get to see much of the con, as I was either not at the con, or if I was, I was working the Katsucon table.

The Katsucon table was the most awesome I had ever been to. We had 9 video screens, a deejay audio system, and giveaways from TenBu Productions, where we all announced we're getting the famous J-pop band, "Unicorn Table" and the famous Maid/Cosplayer/Model, Yunmao Ayakawa (whom I had mentioned I met earlier at AMA). Our table wasn't a "promotion" table, we were a solid production. Jim, kaiotte, Mike C, and I were deejays making silly jokes and broadcasting throughout the Otakon dealer's room.

The Otakon dealer's room is so huge, and so many of the vendors sell the same crap, if I had a suggestions, it would be to have landmarks easily visible up in the air. One year I recall they had a Pioneer booth, and you could see their tall Escaflowne banners from a distance. You could tell people, "I am near the Pioneer display" and have a meetup place. But it would be nice if they had some kind of cheesy tall set of things they could scatter around the room, like Disneyland does their parking lots. "My booth is across from the Totoro with the fishing pole," or "I am two tables down from Hazuki in thigh-highs." or even just a colored banner. Even GenCon and Comic-Con have banners with numbers of the rows on them.

So there you have it.
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