punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Today's accomplishments

Things I did today:
- Trash. Several bags full.
- Three loads of dishes, cleaned up kitchen.
- Five loads of laundry
- Picked up all the trash lying around the living room. Ahfu had found someone's McDonalds trash, and I had to get it all away from him.
- Cleaned and stored my sleeping bag. I had it out for Otakon, and while it smelled okay, it probably hadn't been washed since the early 1990s. I made sure it smelled fresh by washing and then air drying it.
- Fixed CR's computer (finally). Replaced power supply, and spent hours trying to Fix Windows XP Home.
- Fixed VPN issues with work and my Ubuntu distro. Not sure what I did, but after a few kicks, it just ran.
- Fixed some issues takayla had with some Japanese lesson software.

I could have done more, but my foot started hurting again, so I stopped. :(
Tags: housework
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