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Outer Banks - Day 1

Day 1: Fairfax to Salvo
We started off early. I woke up at am, got showered, and did the final packing of stuff one can't pack until the last minute (shower stuff, meds). We were ready by 9, and got on the road at about 10:00 after Brian masterfully packed all out stuff into the back of a Ford Explorer. Then started a very long journey with Anya, Brian, takalaya, and me packed tightly with all our gear.

I tried to sleep through most of it. That worked for about an hour, and I woke up in traffic around Woodbridge. I was packed tightly in the back seat, and it wasn't uncomfortable because something was pressing against me (it was all soft stuff), but it was more that I was wedged in perfectly with everything else with about a 1-2 inch clearance to move around like an appliance in its packaging from China.

Eventually, we stopped at a Sonic somewhere around Richmond, where it was decided I'd do better in the front seat. So takayla and I swapped places so she could sleep and I could keep Anya company. The food at Sonic was wonderful. I wish we had one of these drive-ins near where we lived. Obviously trying to latch onto the retro-design, Sonic is a place where you can drive in and park next to a loudspeaker to place your order. The food is the usual American hot dog, hamburger, chicken stuff, but hey specialize in mixed drinks, malts, and slushies. People in "Cheryl Green" (FanTek people know what I am talking about, like a neon-green) polos on rollerblades roll around to deliver your food from a central location. Sadly, their ordering computer system screwed up, and they lost our order. The upside to that is, we got our order for free with a lot of apologies. I was pleased. And the food was good. I got a bubblegum flavored slushie and a country-fried steak sandwich with a side of tater tots. I was told by everyone the tater tots were to die for, but I am sorry, while they tasted good... they tasted like any other tater tots have had in my life. Maybe I am not a sophisticated tater tot connoisseur.

We drove some more, and so more. We tried to avoid the horrendous traffic on 64 via Rt 17, but constantly got lost, and our GPS systems tried to get us to go back to 64 all the time despite many attempts to get it to select "alternate route." We *did* manage to miss a majority of traffic on I95, and possibly half of 64, though.

As we got to the Outer Banks, the sunset was amazing and beautiful. We arrived to the beach house at about 8 or so. I have only seen part of these house, but it's amazing so far. Private heated pool (up to 7' deep), hot tub, private whirlpool bath, giant kitchen, wireless Internet (how far we have come since my last beach trip), and an elevator! Since no one wanted to cook, all 8 of us went out to Dirty Dick's Crab House.

I hadn't been feeling well for a few days, and the stress of the trip as getting to me. I went to bed afterwards, but then decided to take Ahfu on a walk to the beach. I was lucky to have gypsy_sylvin tag along with her dog Buddy (a beagle), and we saw the moon over the water. Nature is amazing. But when I got back, my asthmas was so bad, I couldn't sleep despite the fact I was so tired, I was passing out. But I'd wake up a few minutes later, gasping like a fish. My stomach was rejecting all the junk food I had eaten, too. I am 40 now, and fried food is starting to really lose its appeal. The combination of asthma and stomach aches died down around 4am, and I slept until 9.
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