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The Outer Banks - Event wrapup

So, how was the Outer Banks in 2009? After "Day 1," not enough happened in a day to fill an entry, and I was trying to be social with my housemates anyway. My Twitter feed will show some of the events as they happened.

I had a good time overall. I wish there had been more sun, and there was an uneasy feeling of the Outer Banks having some financial problems. Out of our block of houses, only 5 or so had occupants. When I spoke to shopkeepers, most spoke of "barely hanging in there," and only their learned ability to recover from frequent natural disasters (like hurricanes) helped them weather better the long-term effects of a downed economy.

The main reason I go to these things are friends, beach, and hot tub. So I got all of those! We also had a private pool, but it rained so much, the heated pool was always cold and who wants to swim in the rain and wind, anyway? It WAS nice to have high winds when one is in the hot tub, because you just lower and rise out of the water to cool or warm yourself and you never overheat.

Ahfu didn't have a good time. I think his beach days are over. After the first day near the surf, he said, "The hell with THAT!" Also the high winds and constant sandstorms were not kind to his buggy eyes. Widget didn't care, as long as he was next to takayla, he was fine.

I had three "gee whiz" projects, of which I only did one of them. I fixed and upgraded my OLPC. I wanted to also study more Swedish and work on a Katsucon database, but I didn't get to do those. I only did a little Swedish, and didn't even touch anything Katsucon related. But I am fine with that.

I damaged my camera. The sandstorms put sand in the gears of the auto-open/focus ring of my Kodak portable and now the shutter won't close. It took forever to get it to just focus. I kind of wanted a new camera anyway, but I can't afford it until takayla gets a new job. Thankfully, my iPhone's camera, while not perfect, is workable considering I am not a professional photographer or anything.

I flew my mean, people-hating kite. I got this kite in 2002 when bulsi and ironkite came with us. It's a simple airfoil kite that packs into a small nylon bag I got for $19.95. But shortly after I tried to fly it that year, its true evil spirit came out. It liked to hit people on the beach. Like, it would wait until someone was under it, and then swoop down and hit them on the head. Or it would swoop down on the beach, scoop up sand, fly over people, and then dump sand on them. It became a nuisance. So, 7 years later, I brought it out again and flew it when no one was around.

It knocked out a sandpiper.

Really. The bird, not the airplane. After flying it on the beach for a little while, it bucked, heaved, and swayed until it found a helpless little bird skittering along the surf and dived bombed it. Knocked it out cold. I thought I had killed the poor thing, because when I went to see it, it was partially pushed into the wet sand, one wing up flapping slowly like a broken clock spring. I plucked it out, but when I started to brush the sand off of it, it woke up and started to flap around like crazy. So I let it go, and he flew away in a crooked path. I hope he got to a birdie hospital.

It also hit the sides of houses when it got the chance. Finally, after getting a workout trying to tame the thing, I reeled it up and packed it away. That is one bad-assed kite.

I also got to see two pelicans collide head-first in mid air. That was epic. There was a bunch of them circling a barge, and BONK... two crashed and fell in the ocean. HAH!
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